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    You might be a good judge when it comes to saints, but I know sinners. Again since the seeds differ, there must be a difference in the spaces between, the passages, the connexions, the weights, the blows, the clashings, the motions; all which not only disjoin living bodies, but hold apart the lands and the whole sea, and keep all heaven away from the earth.
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    The four of us are bound together by ties far deeper and stronger than mere blood and friendship!

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  • Our Fu Manchu friend, Tongju, was most insistent, Summer replied grimly. The true cold fear, the doubt of total failure, did not come to him until much later, when the setting sun began to swallow the breeze and the Minnie drew perceptibly ahead. Truly, said I to him, I find you would soon have conquered me; and it is my affliction now, that I am not in a condition to let you see how easily I should have been reconciled to you, and have passed by all the tricks you had put upon me, in recompense of so much good-humour.

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